Shipping Price Info

We understand that getting to checkout and seeing a shipping charge can be a surprise! In the days of free two-day shipping from giant online businesses, it's hard for small businesses to keep up. Rest assured, we do everything we can to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Here's how:

1. All of our items are carefully weighed and the info is added to our website.
2. At checkout, the weights are automatically combined for a total shipping weight. The shipping cost is configured directly from USPS.
3. Our website gives several shipping options based on that weight and your destination zip code. Certain zip codes are more expensive to ship to than others. 
4. We receive a small volume discount from USPS on our shipping labels; we pass that savings on to you!
5. The shipping price that you see at checkout is the ACTUAL, EXACT cost of shipping. We NEVER mark up shipping prices or make a profit on them!
6. If the shipping happens to be miscalculated (this sometimes happens on orders with many items), we will refund the difference. This rarely happens.

Keep in Mind

-Orders that weigh under one pound can be shipped via First Class Package, which is usually much less expensive. Once a package weighs over one pound, it must ship via Priority Mail or Pacel Package. 

-Shipping rates to the West Coast and Western half of the US, Hawaii, Alaska, and Florida are much higher than other areas. You will see a high shipping charge especially on heavier items such as weighted items, Calm Bottles, and Sensory Bins. Again, we do our best to keep the weights and cost as low as possible.

-If you have any other questions or concerns regarding shipping, please reach out to us at