My son absolutely adores his new sloth! Every time we buy from here I'm always amazed at the superior quality of the products and the great customer service!


This company is incredible. From the low prices, to product availability, to communication with the owner, we just can’t get enough. Repeat customer constantly referring people because SensiPal has been such a God-send to us.


We love it! ...Thank you SensiPal for responding to me so quickly and taking good care of us. I’m so grateful to have found a tool we can use at such a standard of quality and for such a great price!


I put this on as soon as it arrived and that night my ADHD daughter slept longer and more soundly than she has in literal YEARS. So soft and stretchy, perfect for play and for calming. Beautiful. Perfect.


AMAZING. We tried a weighted blanket, but he woke up every time it slipped off and it was waaaaay too hot. We've used this compression sheet for 2 nights and are 2/2 on perfect night's sleep with zero wake ups... It's a drastic change, and we've tried almost everything. We both woke feeling well rested, and see that difference carry throughout the day! Great experience, I am ordering a second one now!


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