About Us

SensiPal was started in late 2017 when our family began to search for sensory items after our son was diagnosed with Autism. We were surprised by the high prices and decided to attempt crafting some items ourselves. It started with a single weighted blanket that turned into another and another and snowballed into a real business! 

Through 2018, we added more and more products including handmade and resale items. While we loved the expansion and new offerings, the upkeep became too large and cumbersome for our family to handle. We were at a crossroads: Continue on the same path and keep expanding (needing a large, separate building and employees) or go back to our roots and pare down our offerings to handmade items only. We decided small and handmade was where our hearts were. So in early 2019 we made the decision to sell off the resale products and begin refocusing on our handmade items.

SensiPal is run out of a workshop in our home in Defiance, Ohio. Catherine (the creator and owner) makes or assembles EVERY item we sell by hand. Elijah (the HFA son) considers himself the CEO of the company and is a great salesman. Locally, we can be found at many craft shows during the spring, summer, and fall. See our Facebook page for announcements on upcoming shows. 

We're always looking for new items to make, so if you have a great idea, please email us at hello@sensi-pal.com







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