What Autism Means to Me

This is part of our series for Autism Awareness Month. We asked friends to share what Autism means to them. Submissions will be included from autistic children, autistic adults, parents, professionals, and friends. 

This is what Autism means to me, a colorful roller coaster of a journey, an educational journey, a different operating system, not needing fixed, or cured. Needing acceptance and not only awareness. Needing support. Loving deeply, feeling the five senses more intensely. Needing to be allowed to be authentic. Not evil, and not a robot . Not brain damaged, and not to be alienated. We want inclusive. We want to not be corrected. We have to work hard to control our tones of voice and our body language. We need to feel like we matter!, stimming is natural and important!, We need friends!


-Submitted by Danielle

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